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We are a professional and reliable garage door repair company serving Meriden, CT. We provide service for any issues you may be having with your garage door opener, noisy cables, or spring issues that could lead to injury or damage to your property. Our technicians can provide you with high quality workmanship at a reasonable price. Whether you’re looking for repairs, replacements, or a new set up, we've got you covered. If you have further questions about any of our services please contact our office for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Garage Door Types

If you own a garage door, then you know how important these parts are to your everyday life. They provide quick and easy entry into your home or business but, most importantly, they help protect the structure of your building and protect people in the process. Keep reading for helpful information on different types of garage doors that could be installed in your home or business.

Garage Door Types: What is it? 

A garage door can refer to one of two types of doors: hinged panels doors (similar to front doors) that swing upwards on hinges and roll up along tracks; or roll-up spring-loaded assemblies (rollers) with metal frames between them that are operated by a motor. Since the metal drums are spring-loaded, the doors can be operated in two ways: either by operating a lever (lever door) or using a track system (track door).""

These are most common types of garage doors you will find today. Lets check out each type: 

1. Hingeless panels: These types of garage doors open or close with one or two lifts which move independently on tracks or rollers themselves. They come in all kinds of styles, including wood and glass paneled looks and color options. The panels are easy to install and use, which is why they are more popular today than before.

2. Roll-up doors: Most of these doors are made for residential use, but some commercial and industrial doors will look like this idea as well. They operate by a motor attached to heavy duty rollers or wheels which roll up along relatively thick tracks or rollers that can be locked into place. These are very sturdy, weatherproof and lockable so they are an excellent choice when you have a business or other indoor area that needs to keep the public and visitor safe.

3. Spring-loaded (Rocker): This is a new model of residential garage door that uses overhead springs to help open the door without external force being required.

4. Sliding doors: This is a type of garage door that uses an overhead rail system to help lift the door up and then push it over when opening or closing.

5. Sectional Doors: These are a lot like Hingeless panels, but they are made up of several panels that are attached together that have locks on the panels themselves to keep them from moving out of place. They can be made out of wood, steel or glass and some will come with a variety of finish options as well.

6. Torsion spring doors: These are most common in commercial settings, but there are some residential models as well. They use a steel torsion spring mounted to a tube, which is attached to a track and the door itself. The spring is kept wound up by an electric motor or a gas-powered motor, and then that energy is used to push the doors open.


So, as you can see there are many types of garage doors that are available for your home or business. Keep in mind that these will come with plenty of features and accessories depending on what you need from it. Whether you need something for safety or style, there will be some option out there for your needs.

Garage Door Opener

The Garage Door Opener is a mechanism which enables the garage door to reverse automatically or manually. The automatic opener mechanism includes a gear which is connected to the shaft of the motor. It is hard and dangerous to ix it yourself . You should take a good service from the expert of Garage Door Repair Meriden, CT to fix this problem.

If you are curious why I mentioned that it is hard and dangerous , then following is the reason why I mentioned that . When repairing a Garage Door Repair Opener in your own garage, you have to climb on top of your car ramp or use ladder . You have to put all your weight over the motor, which can be very dangerous for yourself. Therefore, you have to hire a professional to repair your Garage Door opener. They will give you a reliable and professional service at a reasonable cost.

And we can provide that to you. We are one of the leading companies offering professional garage door services in Meriden, CT. Our team of professionals has many years of experience in this field. We offer reliable and affordable services to our customers with an excellent customer service.

Our garage door repair service is available every day at any time during the year. You don’t have to wait for weekends or holidays to get an instant service. We are reliable company who can offer quick and expert solutions to your problem with no hesitation.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Solid torsion springs are what you find in most residential garage doors. These are made up of steel, and have a solid core. Most people believe them to be stronger than extension springs, but this is not always the case. Torsion springs take a bit longer to open and close your door, but will last for a much longer time.

Extension springs are usually found in commercial garage doors. They consist of two coils that are wound around an iron rod when they mount on the garage door opener arm bracket or track pulley assembly. This is what causes them to extend. The advantage of these springs is that they are less expensive and are available in a wider variety than solid torsion springs. The downside of these springs is that they can break as easily as solid-torsion springs if not installed properly.

The advantages of steel torsion springs, or extension springs include:

* Longer life spans than nylon or other spring types

* They are the best choice for garage doors larger than 8 feet wide because their strength makes them able to lift a heavier weight and withstand the stress created from opening and closing heavier garage doors dramatically reducing the need for excessive retensioning required by newer, weaker materials like nylon.

* While extension springs are stronger than solid torsion springs, they are also less expensive and are available in a wider variety than torsion springs.

* They are the best choice for use with garage door openers. Solid tension springs and extension springs have a greater lifting force than other spring types, which makes them more efficient at handling heavier doors that require more power from your garage door opener to lift them up. Extension will generally work better because it provides more lift force when the door is fully raised, which allows the garage door opener to operate with less effort as it moves the door into its resting position.

The disadvantages of steel torsion springs, or extension springs include:

* Solid torsion springs and extension springs can be hard to install. If you are not familiar with the proper way to do it or if you do not have the necessary tools, it is best to call a professional. Installing these spring systems incorrectly can cause injury.

* They are not as quiet as they once were because of the growing use of more lightweight materials like nylon instead of steel in manufacturing garage door opener springs. With lighter materials, the coils of these types of garage door openers tend to move around within their channels more than previously which makes them produce a louder and less consistent sound when operating.

* Steel springs require more maintenance than nylon because their metal composition oxidizes with the moisture in the air causing rust and corrosion that can hinder their performance.

* You need to replace them more often than other types of springs because they will wear out faster. While the work of replacing a steel torsion or extension spring might not be too hard, it is still difficult to do. In some cases, homeowners have to remove an old spring and get rid of it before they can put in a new one. The cost of labor involved with installing these torsion springs is also higher than other types because they use more tools and require special equipment to help make sure that everything works correctly.

The disadvantages of torsion springs and extension springs include:

* Older models that used to be sold as torsion springs or extension springs are no longer made because they were often recalled due to safety issues. If you see one of these garage door tension springs on the market, it is best not to purchase it. These springs often have weak mounts, and could potentially get stuck in the garage door track. This can cause injury if the motor reverses suddenly or if it gets stuck on the door or track. It can also prevent the door from closing properly without causing injury or damaging your garage door opener completely.

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